Beautifully Arranged Artworks

Hanging Framed Mirrors for Beauty & Safety in Manhattan

hanging framed mirrors Manhattan

Whether you have a square mirror with an ornate frame, an oval in antique wood, or a rectangle with sleek, gleaming metal, call on us. Even when the picture inside the frame is you or the room, hanging, framed mirrors in Manhattan is a work of art. Such pieces add the ambiance of framed paintings while brightening up rooms.

However, hanging framed mirrors does require a professional touch. The weight of the glass and the frame need more than a wire hanging from a hook. After all, you don't want to cause the mirror to tumble down and breaking into a million pieces. With the assistance of an experienced picture-hanging service, your reflective artwork fills the right space beautifully and securely.

A Mirror in Almost Every Room

These days, decorating calls for a mirror in almost every room, except for the garage or attic. They reflect the light, dispelling darkness, and contributing cheer. In small spaces, the mirrors' reflective quality makes a room appear larger, and they're just too pretty to hide away in the bathroom. For appearance and safety's sake, make sure every mirror has a secure frame.

Technicians Necessary to Install Glass

Count on our technicians to apply the same techniques for mirror installation in New York, NY, that we do with fine art. We’re experienced, detail-oriented professionals that work with precision to place your looking glass for maximum appeal and safety. Mirrors continue to be functional and beautiful decorations for any room.

On the practical side, it offers a place to check your hair and makeup. Plus, glass reflects light, brightening a space. A mirror in a handsome frame is an appealing piece of décor for your room.

Secure, Level Installation

Mirrors are heavy and breakable, so the installation is best left to professionals. We use the right tools, equipment, and techniques to ensure the piece hangs securely on the wall. Our technicians carry a supply of specialized equipment with them. This includes tightened wire, top-of-the-line hooks, and industry-only bumpers to increase the security of the installation.

One of the big concerns is ensuring the frame is straight. Nothing is as displeasing and distracting as a long horizontal mirror that angles upward on one side. As professionals, we use a level, rather than our eyes, to hang that mirror properly.

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